1. This is exactly what pad print does for you. In addition to allow you to print on almost any substrate shape includ textur substrates, pad print also allows you to transfer images onto delicate and mechanically sensitive products. This is the most critical. The resolution achiev through pad print is far superior to that achiev through silk screen print. But as every business owner knows your bottom line is money. So you’ll happy to know that pad print setup costs quite low. Plus your pad print equipment only takes up a relatively small amount of space so you and your staff can easily learn the pad print process.
  2. Pad Print Machine Models When purchas a pad print machine you will find that they come in a variety of models includ economical and industrial turbines, alien high-spe industrial servo, multi-axis CNC, green machine parts, consumables and accessories. Regardless of the model, all pad print machines include the follow three main part image board cliche ink rubr mold silicone pad Pad print requires few consumables as shown low to keep your pad print machine in optimal production condition.
  3. Print plates ink cups, print pads, squeegees, ink pans, cup washers. You may also ne a stationary light box to pre-register your pad print plates. image. This allows for quick and easy plate changes and helps you with multi-color setups. You may also want a restoration kit that has a high-grade tool steel finish with a micro-polish finish. The kits available in three sizes: mm, mm, mm, mm, mm. Pad print. Steel and polymer make up the two main types of sheet cliché materials.

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