A dear child has many names. Meta description, meta

In SEO, the search word or long tail keyword plays a key role. When it is added to strategic places in the blog text, the post starts to rise high in Google’s search results. I saw it in a nutshell. Of course, SEO is much more than just long tail keywords.

The most important thing is that the post is always written for a person and that it is only optimized afterwards. Build expertise, authority and reliability with your text. You can get by very well with them.

However, I would like to point out a few things to pay special attention to.

1. Short permalinks

Personally, I don’t prefer one-word keywords

And therefore one-word permalinks. A permalink is the unique url or address of a blog post. For example, the permalink of this post is

In this case, ” how to write a blog post ” is the permalink I’m referring to. Wordpress automatically creates a permalink from the post title. However, sometimes Sweden Phone Number List the link becomes disproportionately long, in which case it should be shortened.

However, make sure that the link is still easy to understand. Leaving individual words in a link without logic doesn’t work.

If the title of the post is, for example, ” 5 ways to get the taxman to give you 1400 euros every year “, the link should not be ” method-taxman-euro “.

A better option would be ” how-to-get-the-tax-man-to-give-1400-euro ” or ” the-tax-man-gives-1400-euro “.

Google also prefers short urls .

2. Metadescription

A dear child has many names. Meta description, meta

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Description, snippet… They all refer to the same thing. It is a short, 165-character long description of the post that appears in Google search results under the title and permanent link.

Here’s a sample of my skills. 😀

The skill here is sarcasm and means don’t do as I do but as I teach. 😀

Although Google doesn’t really use the meta description for SEO, it’s a great way to get people to click on their post. Here you have a wonderful opportunity to make a first impression that will not leave anyone cold.

If I don’t have time, I copy 1-2 interesting sentences Phone Number List  from the blog post and add them with the long tail keyword to the meta description. However, you should make sure that the number of characters is less than 165.

You can also write a short teaser in the meta description, which is related to the post but cannot be found there in its entirety. So you can customize it in your own way. However, make sure you don’t lie and don’t say anything that the reader won’t get out of the post. For example, if in the image above I had written,

“3 ways to start blogging and earn 10,000 euros per month from the first month”,

I would have lied my eyes out of my head. So stick to the truth but allow yourself to write a compelling meta description.


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