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We see and will see in the future a lot of acquisitions, alliances, healthc joint ventures, specialty vertical integrations and new ways of generat revenue such as provid healthc services through intellectual property or health tourism that could have a very significant impact on our country. The second is a direct consequence of the shift from a quantity model to a value model. The idea hind this change can summariz as prevention fore cure.

Clearly if the sector resources and infrastructure

At high saturation levels and certain treatments involve increas costs that yond the reach of the general public then prevention is a reasonable Sri Lanka Phone Number Database approach to the problem. Therefore ucat society on how to maintain general health is always preferable to car for the sick. This is one of the keys. Technology can help a lot in this sense.

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Let look at some examples of analytics

Analytics techniques can help us determine the pattern of occurrence of certain diseases bas on population groups while tak into account factors such as demographic or socioeconomic criteria. There is no doubt that this is a great prevention tool. that monitors our vital signs could trigger alarms in our mical centers in addition to contribut Hungary Phone Number List to its evolutionary history. Obviously if we encounter any heart rate relat issues then hav relevant historical data as well as real-time alerts if the heart rate is above average etc. can of great help when it comes to prevent bigger issues.

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