A standard business model consists of the following elements

Remember that creating great content is an ongoing process. Creating content that resonates and engages your audience takes time, effort, and experimentation. Continue to improve your content creation process and use data to inform your strategy moving forward.


These tips will help you create content that stands out in a crowded digital environment, engages your audience, and drives the results you want.


Exact video title.

Thorough and compelling video explanation.

Related video tags.


Hotjar has seen a 50% surge in searches over the past two years. It’s not just a few searches, it’s worth millions of traffic. How did they achieve this?


Topic clusters.


This strategy helped Hotjar generate a whopping 80% of its traffic from organic search.


The power of topic clusters

But the cluster strategy went beyond traffic to paying customers, which led to the company’s growth.

Shawn Porter, SEO and Content phonelist Strategist at Hotzar, says:

“Over the past few years, the number of paying customers has increased by 70% , and organic subscriptions have also increased by 130%.”

Hotjar organic traffic

If you want long-term growth of your content, creating a few articles here and there isn’t enough. That’s why many content teams are turning to topic clusters.

This strategy involves creating a central pillar page that covers the main topic and several cluster pages that cover related subtopics in depth.


Why is this audience buying your product

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Focusing on one topic cluster at a time can boost results across all of your content assets.

Let’s take Hotjar as an example. Hotzar produces content in groups called ‘Guides’, which consist of 5 to 8 documents to help buyers at each step.

Here’s how Hotjar created a cluster on the broad topic of “Customer Experience (CX Insights).”

Top of the funnel: Recognize the problem (need help Phone Number List understanding the customer experience).

Middle of the Funnel: Solution Awareness (You need tools to help you improve your customer experience)

Bottom of funnel (readers who are aware of your product and are searching for alternatives)

Clustering your content like this makes it easier for readers to stay on your site and learn more. This reduces the likelihood that your readers will bounce off your site and check out your competitors.

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