Advanced Digital Marketing and Social Media Course in Madrid and Valencia

Advanced Digital Marketing and Social Media Course in Madrid and Valencia. This week you have the opportunity to learn the best digital marketing. social media and personal brand strategies and techniques . It is an intensive and very professional training where in 4 hours you will be able to receive a lot of ideas, advice and techniques that will help you boost your brand or personal brand and be recognized in your sector. These online marketing workshops are taught by Juan Carlos Mejía Llano.

Who is Juan Carlos Mejía Llano

I have to tell you, I met Juan Carlos Mejía after reading his first book “The Community Manager’s Guide”, and from there little by little. Therefore, I forged a friendship with him through the Internet. Therefore, which until a few days ago was possible materialize in a big hug in the city of Malaga and thanks. After that, the congress that we have both participated as speakers. Juan Carlos is a great person; kind, simple, attentive, and he is also a great professional in Online job function email list  Marketing and Social Media. He is also a consultant, international speaker, professor and blogger. After that, 4 passions with which I totally agree with my friend Juan Carlos.

Practical Case

If you sign up through this link you will get a 30% discount on this digital marketing workshop. You already have an appointment in Madrid and Valencia. After that, this week to learn digital marketing from a great professional like Juan Carlos Mejía. At the end of the workshop you will be able to chat and exchange opinions with the speaker Phone Number List and if you feel like it. After that, you can also get Juan Carlos to sign one of his books for you. I will be physically at the workshop in Valencia. After that, so I will be happy to chat with you during the break or at the end of the workshop.

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