After the starting hook

After the opening hook, there is a risk of jumping too quickly into the text itself. It should also be mentioned here that readers are different. Others like to get straight to the point, others need a little grounding before getting down to business.

That’s why I recommend that, especially in long posts and list posts, there is a summary of what the post covers after the opening hook.

In other words, the table of contents of the post.

This way you can provide a quality reading experience for those who need a bit of background information and those who just want the.

Most important points from the post

Writing a post

Next, I’ll give you 6 tips on how to make your post 10 times better than everyone else’s.

1. Short paragraphs

How does reading a post like this make you feel?

Unfortunately, I (still) see blog posts Turkey Phone Number List like this. It is important to remember that a blog is not a novel. And especially when we read text online, the content should be easy to read.

So stick to short paragraphs. 1–4 lines are enough. More than 65% of your readers read texts on a mobile device. When the post has short paragraphs, it is harder to read the post even on small devices.

With subheadings, you show that the content is logical

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.When you combine the subheadings into a table of contents and add them to the beginning of the post, the reader can immediately see what the post Phone Number List  contains. With the help of subheadings, the text is broken into pieces of a suitable size, making it easier to process the text.

3. Active writing style

Especially on the business side, we are used to the fact that the text of business blogs is passive. But for the reader, this is not a pleasant reading experience. Whether it’s a consumer or a business (remember that even a business has people who read text), active and personal content is always a better option.

Active language is also clearer.

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