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The central theme of the reunion dinner is family unity. Their location make an effort to return home for this meal. It is a time to reconnect share stories and strengthen family bonds.
The dinner typically begins with a toast or a moment of reflection to honor the familys ancestors acknowledging the continuity of the family line.
Red Envelopes

Elders often give red envelopes

Containing money hng bo to younger family members. This tradition uk phone number symbolizes the transfer of good luck and prosperity.
Typical Dishes in a Reunion Dinner
The reunion dinner features a lavish spread of dishes each imbued with symbolic meanings

Always present on the table

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Fish symbolizes surplus and prosperity. The Chinese word for fish y Algeria Mobile Database‚Äč sounds like the word for surplus reinforcing the idea of abundance.

Dumplings are shaped like ancient Chinese gold ingots and symbolize wealth. They are often made collectively by family members emphasizing the importance of working together.
Glutinous Rice Cake

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