Although initially Lean methods and tool

Later it began to be applied to the Toyota Production System. Because of this the company recovered from the oil crisis faster than other companies in the 1990s. Facts have proved the effectiveness of this method. But it was not until the 1980s that it began to be promoted by companies around the world due to the good results achieved. Basic Steps to Follow in Applying Lean Management In order to apply Lean Management and Lean tools to your processes you must follow a series of basic and very simple steps. They are observing and analyzing what is happening in order to detect wastage or wastage.

There are also changes in processes

Unreasonable practices. Standardize all repetitive processes. Implement improvements in selected processes. Final follow-up to verify whether Cameroon Phone Number Database these improvements have been implemented. Focused on production processes with a little ingenuity. And creativity we can adapt them to any discipline. This is because essentially its purpose is to identify waste and eliminate it. As a support for lean management The million dollar question now. what is needed to promote continuous process. Improvement through good lean practices.

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That being said what are the requirements

That must be met to be considered lean um these include the following it must have an integrated business process management system it must be accessible from anywhere on any device. It is recommended that you encourage teamwork. It must include metrics that capture measurable data on processes so that we can analyze Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List them to discover improvements. If you have an alert and notification system it will be easier to verify that the process is being done correctly.

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