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IDCamp is also holding the Indosat Ooredoo Digital Camp 2021 Referral Program. Through this program, IDCamp 2021 participants have the opportunity to invite as many of their friends as possible to register in 3 additional study streams. There will be 1000 Dicoding Points which. Can be exchanged for various rewards and  Dicoding.  Academy subscription package for 30 days for each of the 15 people with the most referrals. The terms and conditions for participating in the Indosat Ooredoo Digital Camp 2021 Referral Program are: Participants who take part in this program must have registered for the 2021 IDCamp scholarship. For those who have not yet registered for the 2021 IDCamp scholarship, you can register first.

Participants can invite as many

take part in this program. Participants must  IDCamp’s Instagram social media @idcamp and Dicoding @dicoding.  relatives of other developers (who have not registered for the IDCamp 2021 scholarship) as many times as possible to then register for the IDCamp 2021 scholarship program. After successfully registering, participants fill out the form and comment in the comments whatsapp data column of this post with the format #TemanIDCamp and tag as many of your friends as possible on Instagram.  Registered in the IDCamp 2021 scholarship. Program by at least August 12 2021. Registrants of this program can see leaderboards.

Benefits of prototyping

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A prototype is a method of product development by creating. A design, sample or model with the aim of testing the concept or work process of the product.  Prototypes are created for initial software development needs and to find out whether the features and functions in the program run according to planned needs.  Phone Number List   The main goal of a prototype is to develop a product . Model or design into a final product that can meet user requests. In the product development process, users can take part in the product development process by evaluating and providing feedback.

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