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There is a business management software that allows both worlds to coexist. A standard model combines all the competitive advantages of custom development at the same time. This means adapting technology to the specific needs of each company without neglecting the technological or functional evolution of standard products. regularly without losing a sustainable competitive advantage. All of this is done autonomously so the company is always the master of its own.

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Cloud or on premises model no matter what each customer prefers. These types of products combine the best of standards and custom Nigeria Phone Number Database development to disrupt the established paradigm of limited solutions. Some inevitably make you give up some advantage in choosing between one situation or another. Therefore we have to be wary of the seal that this only applies to because if everything is of the same technology.

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The thrust of this new generation of solutions is to. Address the ever-changing and dizzying scenarios brought about by digital transformation. These are active and constantly updated. There is no need to give up each company’s sustainable competitive advantage. Finding ourselves facing business difficulties and having to observe the performance Colombia Phone Number List of our country’s macroeconomic environment through ICT and people leadership team management, we must affirm that the only possible main strategic route for our country’s enterprises is differentiation.

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