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Huzzaz is a curative video software that can share content from youtube. Vimeo. Facebook and twitch. You can create custom video galleries using content from curat   fe  s or your own material. There are 11 gallery templates to choose from. Plus built-in features for searching and social m  ia sharing. Key features: customize video titles. Descriptions. Links and colors 11 video gallery templates includ   create custom playlists with auto-play enabl   price: free – $9/mo14. Inoreader  inoreader inoreader inoreader is a content reader with a set of features for finding new material. Once you’ve connect   the inoreader to the channels you want to follow. You can activate a discovery mode to explore new. Relevant content.

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You can also browse user-generat  Europe Email List subscription packages. And inoreader comes with flexible pricing plans that let you add new features only when you ne   them. Key features: automatically tag and organize posts bas   on your preferences a comprehensive rss archive of all your content applications available for ios. Android and windows devices price: contact for pricing 15. Mycurator is a plugin for wordpress which brings content curation directly to your website dashboard. You can easily connect to content sources and use mycurator to browse and identify articles to share with your audience. Once an article has been select  . It is automatically add   to your wordpress   itor and can be publish   with a simple click after adding a description for your audience.

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Key features: machine learning controll   by simple up or down votes on articles quickly choose articles to publish with a single click built-in ai rating Phone Number List for removing irrelevant or low-quality content price: free – $30/mo 16. Netvibes   netvibes netvibes netvibes is an intelligence dashboard platform that offers a single view to manage a multitude of digital sources. You can connect websites. News. Social m  ia. Apps and even smart devices to your dashboard. Content curation features include the ability to create automat   custom actions. View live analytics. And track topics of interest. Key features: automat   custom actions bas   on triggers and defin   actions drag-to-compare option for comparing charts and data from various sources share dashboards among team members to view real-time analytics price: free – $649+ /mo 17.

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