Another option is to add an archive to the sidebar,

Content that is easy to find helps the reader to read more similar content. This is convenient to implement by adding categories to the sidebar or top navigation.

but I personally don’t find this useful.

The post to be read is airy and interesting. A blog is not a novel, so long paragraphs should be broken down into small paragraphs. I have often said that the length of one paragraph should be no more than 4 lines.

Reliable and credible content builds trust in you. You need this when you want to sell a product or service to the public. And finally, usable content that the reader can take directly to their own life, everyday life and work. You are credible when you support your content with references, news and research.

Navigating the business blog

The easier it is for the reader to navigate the blog and website, the more likely he will return. Your task as a business blogger is to try to keep the reader on your blog as long as possible . This is achieved by the fact that

  • you offer him more to read in the post,
  • you refer him to your email list and
  • you keep the most important Navigation buttons visible and easy to find.

Among other things, these links should be easy to find in the top navigation (relate the links to suit your own business activities):

  • front page
  • Blog
  • Information and/or Start Here page
  • Trade / Services
  • References or customer feedback
  • Contact page

If the purchase process includes a free appointment 

The link to the appointment calendar must be visible either in the sidebar or in the top navigation. In this case, you can remove some less important link from there.

The more the reader has to work to read the blog and search for information, the more likely he will switch to a reader of another blog entirely.


Trusted Business Blog

In order to continue to market and sell your products and services through a blog, you, your company and your blog must be reliable and credible. According to Fogg (2002, 156), trust is built first . As a result, you become an expert in the eyes of the reader . In the end, credibility is built .

The better you are able to present yourself, your company and your blog as a reliable source of information and a channel from which the reader can get help, the more readers will find you credible. After this, marketing and sales will be a little easier and you can easily forget clichéd marketing and sales phrases. You’ll never have to poke and prod again.

This, in turn, binds the reader and customer even more closely to your company. The customer can be confident that he will not be forced to sell anything. He can choose when to buy and what to buy.

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According to a study conducted by Stanford University (2002), the five

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