Are you interested in this kind of “passive” income stream that you can make from home?

Over the years, I have trained thousands of students also in the field of affiliate marketing. My students earn on average from 100 to 2000 euros per month. Incomes vary a lot, always depending on

  • what is the topic and field
  • how many readers the blog has
  • how often the product is talked about in the blog
  • how well the post is written
  • and how current the product is at that moment.

As I mentioned before, affiliate marketing is not just about writing something about a product and then throwing affiliate links here and there. Especially blog posts have a certain structure that should be followed and a certain number of affiliate links that should be strategically added to the text.

10,000 euros a year “without doing anything”

I started affiliate marketing myself in June 2016. I had already started my own blog a few months earlier (March 2016), but it wasn’t until June that Denmark Phone Number List I wrote my first affiliate post. And guess what, in July I earned 65 euros for the first time through it.

It has come a long way and currently I earn around 10,000 euros annually with a few affiliate posts. So, in practice, I have done the work once, updated the posts once a year, optimized them for Google and now I make money with them.

I have to admit that affiliate marketing has been a bit “left-handed” for me, and I’ve dreamed for a long time that I could invest in affiliate marketing more than before. During this spring, I have founded two purely affiliate blogs, one of which generates 100 euros per month and the other 150 euros per month.

I’m leaving coaching for less and focus on building these two blogs, because I want to invest in this affiliate marketing properly and see how far I can grow them.

All in all, I have earned 80,000 euros from affiliate marketing, i.e. 10,000 euros per year over the course of 8 years.

Are you interested in this kind of “passive” income stream that you can make from home?

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