But I found this training some time ago

After the 15-day training period, you (too) will be offered the opportunity to participate in other trainings, which of course are paid and worth more than 10 euros. But at that point you can choose whether to participate in them or not. In any case, after those 15 days, you have the opportunity to start marketing that training yourself.

Why is this a good option?

Because your only task is to get people to pay 10 euros for 15 days of training and the company will do the rest after that. The company is responsible for selling other courses and products. So you get the maximum benefit with minimal work.

Because you are studying the 15-day training yourself , you will see, learn and understand how digital marketing works today, and with the help of that information you will already be able to use what you have learned and bring more new potential customers, i.e. leads, to the company.

But where should the course be advertised?

Then we come to where and how Germany Phone Number List training should be advertised. A lot of people say make TikToks, Reels and YouTube videos. But not everyone wants to do them. Some do not want to show their own faces, and some are not good writers, in which case it is easier to give up than to recommend.

That’s the second part of my tip. Namely, the laziest way to market a product is to add an affiliate link to your email signature.

In the beginning, people don’t click on it, but when the link is there regularly, curiosity wins. Believe it or not, I have put the link in my email signature for a couple of months and approx. 15 people have already clicked and become a student through it.

There are other ways

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  • social media profile links (Linktree or similar)
  • own digital products
  • lead magnets

These are the gentle ways to recommend affiliate products, and when you choose subscription-type affiliate products, the commissions grow from month to month and from year to year.

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And when the customers you bring buy further training, you get commissions from them, without any extra work. This training combines high ticket affiliate marketing and subscription affiliate marketing into one convenient package.

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