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like it or not, we have to dare to get out of our comfort zone. Continuously updating your knowledge and upgrading your existing skills is the key to progress. In fact, the Scholarship Program from AWS has been one of the biggest aids for Ahmad to gain ws data to get out of your comfort zone. Fields of expertise that we once considered foreign and difficult can actually be learned and promise a better career. an output that depends on the logic circuit itself. Before entering the article, we want to tell you something, you can deepen your knowledge about these logic gates in Dicoding, you know. You can find and study this logic gate material in Introduction to Programming Logic (Programming Logic 101) . OK, now let’s see what is meant by truth tables and logic gates.

Logic gates Logic gates are a process

¬†processing binary number input using Boolean mathematical theory. As we know, binary numbers themselves consist of the numbers 1 and 0. This logic gate is represented using a truth table. If it has a true value , it will be indicated by the number “1”. Conversely, if it has an incorrect value ( false ) it will be indicated by the number “0”. Logic gate function whatsapp database Logic gates have the function of performing basic logic functions to form integrated digital circuits. Most logic gates use binary numbers 0 or 1, which can also be called true or false. Usually consists of two input values and one output value. Truth table A truth table is a table used to see the truth value of a statement. Here the truth table can be interpreted as a table containing combinations of input variables that produce logical output. Types of logic gates .

There are several types of logic

 ofgates that are commonly used. Following are the types of logic gates and their truth tables. AND gate The first type is the AND gate. This AND gate requires two or more inputs to produce one output. If all or one of the inputs is the binary number 0, then the output will be 0. Meanwhile, if all the inputs Phone Number List are the binary number 1, then the output will be 1.Logic gate AND OR Gate The second type is the OR gate. Just like the previous gate, this gate also requires two inputs to produce one output. This OR gate will produce an output of 1 if all or one of the inputs

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