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More and more products, processes and the environment. This smart specialization takes into account research areas in the field of biotechnology and green chemistry low-emission and energy-saving technologies. Thanks to this specialization, it is possible to eliminate the negative impact of humans on the environment. Stop its degradation and increase the use of renewable raw materials instead of those that are not. The scope of specialization also includes technologies. For the production of innovative and functional materials.

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Agents and chemicals that ensure effective use of raw material resources while respecting the environment by preventing the formation of waste, effective management of waste, as well as by-products from production processes. The activities Photo Retouching of KIS include bio-base raw materials, innovative (BIO) technological processes, KIS . Sustainable energy Smart specialization takes into account high-efficiency, low-emission and integrate systems for the generation, transmission and distribution of heat and electricity, as well as innovative methods of obtaining energy products. Particular emphasis within this national smart specialization is place on technologies for optimal use of local and regional.

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Raw material potential. The activities are intend to contribute to increasing the resilience of the production system, increasing energy security and developing circular economy technologies in the energy sector. In KIS , the main areas are Phone Number List energy generation, smart grids / intelligent power grids, energy storage, renewable energy sources – renewable energy sources, prosumer energy and energy from alternative fuel waste and environmental protection. Intelligent zero-emission construction. The area of ​​​​specialization supports the development of eco-design.

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