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arranged in a mind map can help you organize the various new information received. You can group them into a big theme and sub-themes. The big theme is the core discussion of the mind map. While the sub-themes are supporting. Parts to complement the big theme. Once the big theme has been determined, a mind map can be used to explain clearly and in detail the things related to the theme. That way you can more easily understand the concept of the theme as a whole. In the field of education, mind mapping is used by students when studying for exams. They do this so they can understand and receive learning optimally. Because the main goal of mind mapping is so that individuals who use this technique can absorb the material thoroughly and not rely on memorizing.

Benefits of mind mapping By using

Techniques alone.  the mind mapping technique you can feel the benefits directly. Here are some of the benefits of mind mapping: Improving memory by making a mind map will make it easier for you to remember and find a complete picture of information. You no longer need to worry about losing or forgetting an important point of ws database information or concept that you have studied, because all the information has been collected into one mind map. Becoming more productive The next benefit of mind mapping is that it makes it easier for you to organize various tasks. You can prioritize which tasks must be done first and then set goals that you must achieve. When you know everything, you can organize and organize yourself as best as possible. That way you will be more productive and more organized in doing everything. Increase creativity.

When making a mind map

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You will definitely create branches based on the themes you have previously determined. When designing a mind map, you definitely want to make it look attractive and also easy to understand. Therefore, you can decorate the mind map that you make by coloring the branches or by adding pictures that are still related to the theme. When this process takes place, it stimulates the work of the human right brain. Therefore, the benefit that can be obtained Phone Number List from mind mapping is that it can increase the creativity of each user. Helping the learning process The last benefit of a mind map is that it helps you in the learning process. As previously explained, using mind mapping can help you in the learning process optimally. Maybe when you first create a mind map you will find.

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