Does anyone read your posts?

But even though this might seem really boring to someone else, I know that there are also some of my readers who long for this kind of everyday life. Maybe they’re on their way to it, maybe they’re just about to reach it.

I also know that if I hadn’t written about this topic, these readers might feel guilty or even guilty about “wanting to be lazy” instead of running everywhere.

And this is exactly why I know that no matter how boring you think your life is, there are people in Finland who either want exactly the same life as you or who struggle with similar challenges as you.

And when you dare to write about it publicly – either under your own name or anonymously – you slowly start to get more readers and build a warm-hearted community around your blog. You act as each other’s peer support, cheerleaders and celebrants of successes.

As long as you dare to open yourself to new people and experiences.

My therapist has told me repeatedly, “When you walk out the door, the risk of meeting a new person increases. And one of these people Malaysia Phone Number List only wants the best for you, maybe even the best.”

So I want to say this to you:

When you start writing a blog, you take the risk of finding like-minded people around you. People who admire your courage, support you, ask you for advice and encourage each other. You can find new friends, spouse or partners. And who knows, even if one day you will be among the brightest stars in the blogging sky.

Also read this: Seven out of ten bloggers quit within the first year. You’re not one of them, are you?

Does anyone read your posts?

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It reads yes. But only if you sit down, write, publish Phone Number List  and share the post on social media. As long as the thought of writing is only in your mind, no one will read your posts.

I know blogging can be intimidating.

And that’s exactly why I’m running a free 5-day challenge where I’ll teach you how to be successful blogging, even if you’re afraid to be featured.

Stay tuned.

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