Enables any individual with initiative

Not for lack of enuity but for technological advancement. This can now taken to another level with the help of industrial and digital transformation and will appli to the entire exist value chain tween customers, distributors and manufacturers.  And entrepreneurial mindset to offer their products to the market with minimal financial resources and virtually no structural costs. This is my vision and I will try to explain it to you with an example in which we go to market a new product in the market.

This is still an exercise in imagination

So I invite you to join me as a partner in our new business. Ebook Industrial Revolution Text The first th we ne is a product so we have to take Malta WhatsApp Number Database on the role of product manager and create a strategic plan for it. We’re talk about analyz the target customers of environmental products that make them unique in the market, their differentiat value, potential business volume, price, the goals we pursue and the initiatives we take. will enable us to achieve these goals. We have defin our product what we will call it.

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Next is the distribution channel

Since we do not want to incur structural costs we will implement an e-commerce system. But not only that we have to ready for when Mexico Telegram Number the first order comes in so we ne one to help us register it and help us with the ongo management process. The softw must integrat with or easily integrat with e-commerce systems. It has to a business management softw that contains the buy, sell, shipp process of the product.

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