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Artificial Intelligence When we talk about how we should treat all this information we ne to apply the concept of machine learn . self-learn algorithms will help us process it efficiently and appropriately. In the subsequent stages of data analysis we can use traditional business intelligence tools. However, if we want to build a platform that can process information in real time we must move further from systems.  from free softw bas on develop by professionals who understand the market and use cases.

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One of the questions we ask ourselves for all audiences is whether big data is suitable for SMEs or is a topic reserv for large companies. As a main idea Cameroon WhatsApp Number Database big data is design for companies where analysis of massive data can add value. First we have to understand our business and measure whether it will lead to growth regardless of the size or sector of the activity cause

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Models the right infrastructure can organiz for development without the ne for large initial outlays. Will the structure of the company change? The impact of big data will depend on the scale of the project. As a first change we must point out the fact¬† that Oman Phone Number List data come part of the company’s assets which means that they will acquire a value hitherto not includ in the company’s assets. This situation leads to the presence of data controllers in certain companies.

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