Expand Your Reach in the Product Sector

 Until one day by chance I met Forobeta . Do you want Expand Your to register domains at incredible prices? DonDominio offers Blogger3.0 readers a 30% discount for registering and transferring .COM and .NET I caught up on SEO by learning from the best. I met many wonderful people on Forobeta. He was back, and he was happy. During this stage I understood the importance of diversifying. I had only one website, Google took it down and I was left with practically no income. That couldn’t happen again. 2019 to date: living from my niches and other projects As I told you, I realized that if I wanted to make real money and live off the Internet, I had to diversify my sources of income.

During this stage I understood Expand Your the importance of diversifying

I had to take this as a business, and industry email list my business couldn’t depend on a single website . So I started creating websites like crazy, and I was lucky that the vast majority of them worked well, managing to exceed the $1,500 per month that my previous website generated in a few months. In 2019 I left my job as a programmer and since that moment I am lucky to be able to say that I live from my websites, which have earned more than 120 thousand dollars with AdSense during these five years. Here you can see a screenshot. capture-adsense-seo-niches 124 thousand dollars with Google.

Previous website generated in a few months

AdSense As you will see, there are Phone Number List still ups and downs, but by not depending on a single website I sleep much more peacefully. Although when you do SEO and monetize with Google AdSense there is a problem. You depend a lot on Google. Google sends visits from its search engine… Google pays… This made me think.

Google goes bankrupt tomorrow and I am left without visits and without income. Therefore, I will tell you how I did to diversify in traffic sources, income sources and types of business. Diversify traffic sources Social media is a great way to get traffic . I don’t use Facebook because honestly it never worked for me, I don’t know how to take advantage of it, but there is one that is wonderful. Pinterest .

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