Extract individual (interesting) sentences to Insta and Face

You can copy longer text around the sentence in the caption.

The more interesting the sentence is, the more certain it is to stop. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs imagine that there should only be pictures on Insta and Face. But text-based images work there just as well as images. Where all your peers (or competitors) post just images, text-based images are refreshing. They are also commented on surprisingly a lot.

6.2 Share curious thoughts on Pinterest

When you make a ready-made base and template with the free Canva, later it’s enough to just change the text and schedule the image on Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine where people look for inspiration, among other things. The more interesting you can (or dare) describe your post and provoke thoughts, the more certain your pin will be saved and through it people will click to read more.

6.3 Add tips intended for readers or your own insights on the subject to stories

List three tips or insights from the post and summarize them in 30 seconds. These can also be made into reels first (as in the tutorial above) and then uploaded to stores. Personally, I go a little below the lowest point of the fence here, and I never really add extra content Belarus Phone Number List to stores. I only upload content from the feed and the real ones. Sometimes I also publish individual things from my day, but 90% of my stories are content directly from the feed or reels.

6.4 Ask readers questions about the post

Ask readers questions about the post or ask for their opinion, because who doesn’t want to share their opinion on any topic… These questions can be published anywhere, really. On LinkedIn, stores, reels, feed pictures. When you regularly ask your readers questions, before long they will start answering too. And if you want to spark a lot of discussion, bring up some kind of emotion.

7 | 30 day distribution plan and schedule

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I always start my own distribution plan the previous Sunday. I decide which posts to share on which channel and I schedule time for myself to create content. Since the posts are my own and I remember well what I’ve written in them, it doesn’t take long to make the actual content.

I use as much content as possible, because why reinvent the wheel?

7.1 The first week

In the first week, I will focus on sharing posts on Facebook according to the sharing locker. This is easy and fast, and I already made the plan the previous Phone Number List  Sunday. For this first week, I also calendar the creation of other contents.

I have ready-made templates for various social media content in Canvas. Updating these doesn’t really take much longer. Since the base is already ready, I just change the texts and then upload the contents to the computer. If there is time, I schedule a lot of content, but typically the timing is for the next day or even a week.

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