Fine of Two Million Dollars for Sending Spam

The company PW Marketing has been sentenced by a California court to pay a fine of two million dollars for sending spam to thousands of people. Furthermore, the company will not be able to carry out any business related to online advertising or marketing for a period of 10 years. This is the first fine against the practice of spam in the United States since a law on the matter was passed in 1998. The ruling considers it proven that the emails included instructions for the recipients to forward them.


Commercial email only requires prior contractual relationship

The Government, finally, has had to recognize. The executive data major issue and modify article 21 of the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI). Which had already been criticized by advertisers for not complying with the community directive. On October 16, Congress approved the General Telecommunications Law in which. Said article is corrected, according to which. The prohibition of sending commercial emails will not be. Applicable when there is a prior contractual relationship. While article 21 required the express authorization of the customer.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT)

Acknowledged modifying the law to “adapt it to the Phone Number List European directive. Which only indicates that companies must check that. The recipients are not Fine of Two on the list of users who do not want to receive these emails. In addition, they incorporated a system that prevented recipients from knowing what the origin was. This 2002 turnover was, in turn, 37% higher than in 2001. The year in which the Group invoiced 29.3 million Euros. The company carries out its activity in two lines of business – digital marketing services (marketing services) and value-added services for mobile.

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