This is the first significant growth

Although people already ginn to define and solidify it, what a sensoriz world and the Internet of Ths can br remains to seen. Let’s take a look at some important infographic sources for industry and its first applications. We still have a long way to go in this a of industrial digitalization, even more so. Spain’s investment in R&D and innovation has never stood out. Total R&D expenditure in Spain increas in 2018 compar to the previous year to reach 1.3 billion euros. since 2017 and higher growth rates observ in the Corporate Executive segment across all industries.

However in view of the annual growth

The proportion of R&D investment expenditure has dropp from 2016 to 2018. This is the indicator’s fifth consecutive decline and continu decline. Compar with the average investment in the year, the R&D investment, that is, the percentage Lithuania WhatsApp Number Database of R&D expenditures decreas in the year. This is the fifth consecutive decline. However, efforts vary across departments. In the field of public administration it is only one percent lower than the European average and in the field of higher ucation it is almost one tenth lower.

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The efforts of Spanish companies account

Only slightly more than half of the European average. Spain clearly differs from the EU average pattern in its use of qualifications in the Indonesia Telegram Number production system. The ucational structure of my country’s labor market is hourglass-shap, as the proportion of workers with post-secondary compulsory ucation is extremely low and intermiate vocational qualifications the most lack a. The development of industrial technology must prevent enterprises from relocat back to technologically advanc countries and promote high-quality employment.

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