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Your system must therefore contain the necessary tools to adhere to both principles. These tools must audit and verify the entire installation configuration to correct all discovered vulnerability risks and threats related to personal data security same tools told you how to make every necessary adjustment to ensure that appropriate technical measures are taken in the configuration as dictated by regulations.

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To check the status of your configuration. Another novelty of the new regulation is that the article mentions data protection. By design and by default also as a legal obligation. This means that organizations must integrate it at every  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number Database level of their business and include it in their processes throughout the entire life cycle of any commercial activity. Data encryption pseudonymization is recommended as an appropriate technical measure. Ideally you should ensure that your system is designed with this data protection built into it by default, otherwise adaptation may be complicated.

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Configuration Users whose personal data is being processed. Without consent will see that they are pseudonymized. For example when accessing employees all personal data of unauthorized users. Names social security numbers, sick days, etc. will be encrypted. Free guide: How to select the rights of new interested parties Tools to facilitate Bolivia WhatsApp Number List adaptation In addition to the rights already recognized, the right of access, the right of rectification, the right of objection and the right of cancellation. The Regulation also includes new rights of interested parties the right to information, transparency, erasure, right to be forgotten.

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