Give five times the turnover thanks to the blog

Give five times the turnover thanks to the blog. In this blog post, Anna tells her own story. When a company blog is built in the right way, the results can be very versatile.

Anna, please!

Tell us in a few sentences who you are and what you do

I was born in Helsinki, from where we moved with my family to the heart of Savo in Heinävede when I was 10 years old. From there, the road led to Joensuu at the age of 17.

Before my career as a gardener and entrepreneur,

I studied to be an accountant in the early 1990s and did various office jobs. Then we had 2 sons every few years and I was a housewife for a good 6 years.

My husband and I bought an old farm Indonesia Phone Number List in 2000. And the idea that had been brewing in my mind took off and I seriously started thinking about a career as a gardener and becoming an entrepreneur.

I studied to be a gardener from 2003-2005 and right away in the spring of 2005 I founded a company, Puutarha Auringontähti. Our main business is seedling cultivation and sales of ornamental plants. Besides that we have all kinds of other things, from fertilizers to online courses and yard plans to beekeeping.

As an entrepreneur, I am a typical woman: everything is done, or at least we try to do it ourselves, with very small investments and risks.

Tell us a little about your blog, what made you choose this blog topic?

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The garden was the only subject option, because I specifically wanted to start a blog to support business activities.

Nature has always been very important to me. As a gardener, I want to encourage people to get to know their yard and its life, and to follow nature’s example in its care.

My blog emphasizes these topics that are important to me, and I may feel a certain degree of calling to “declare” nature-friendly yard care.

In the blog, I want to share with ordinary yard owners and garden enthusiasts tips and instructions for easy, nature-friendly and joy-producing yard Phone Number List maintenance. The yard is not meant to create stress, but on the contrary to alleviate it!

However, it all starts with understanding the operation of the yard and knowing the insects and plants that live there.

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