Google Analytics vs. Universal Analytics: main differences

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Therefore, adapting to new tools and updates is crucial to staying competitive. Today we are going to focus on the key differences between Google Analytics vs. UniversalAnalytics . The fundamental differences between Google Analytics vs. Universal Analytics It doesn’t matter if you loved Universal Analytics and had managed to understand the key metrics, the meaning of bounce rate and the importance of time on page. You need this comparison between Google Analytics vs Universal Analytics because the latter has had raw data since July ,

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Analytics compared to its predecessor to understand the new metrics as soon as possible. The data collection and measurement system Google Analytics (GA) arrives with multi-channel data collection . Which means that user activity can be easily monitored across different platforms: the website, mobile apps or IoT devices, among Philippines Phone Number Data others, in a single control panel. This level of integration facilitates a more holistic view of user behavior . On the other hand, Universal Analytics worked more in silos and to achieve a similar level of integration, it was necessary to use Firebase, increasing complexity and management time. So when it comes to data collection and measurement, the Google Analytics vs Universal.

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Analytics comparison starts with an advantage for

GA Reports created through scans GA’s “Explorations” functionality allows for extensive customization of reports One of the most innovative sections is the “life cycle”,which divides user interaction into phases such as acquisition, retention, and monetization. This allows for a more complete analysis and more precise adaptation of marketing Canada Phone Number List strategies . In Universal Analytics, although custom reports existed, the level of detail and ease of use were not comparable. Second point for GA . Views and properties If we are going to compare Google Analytics vs In the context of Google Analytics, a “property” is basically a resource associated with a specific Analytics account.

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