Stop playing when you have something

I still remember what my colleague said: I will leave you first while I go to the car and wait for the call. Do you remember when we said that cell phones are for executives? This email thing is useless. I print it out and watch it. How do we watch the news on the computer or watch TV? Who buys online? People want to see and touch them.

Of course none of you want to go back

The professional and personal computing Ecosystem of years ago using the tools and programs of the time. Can you imagine? Of course it wasn’t me. What this means is that to a greater or lesser extent we as individuals and our companies are Iran Phone Number Database becoming digital. Digitalization is not a flash in the pan. Maybe the term digital transformation even appears in the soup and is distorted by the numerous activities and success stories of consulting firms and companies in their name.

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Every company can go digital is the new

War cry and I don’t think there are many professionals who think this is a passing fad. We are in a process of evolution just as postal mail Argentina Phone Number List was being replaced by telegraph, telex, fax, email and. But some may ask why change if it’s just the way we are now. The first server units we call terminals arrived in the finance and human resources departments to enable more secure and efficient accounting and payroll processing.

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