Heuristic analysis for UX: the methodology to measure the usability of your interface

Heuristic analysis for UX is a usability methodology that ensures the usability of websites. An analysis that must be carried out by usability experts and that cannot be carried out only with UX tools , but requires knowledge in the field. It is as important that a website has a beautiful design as it is that it is usable, that is, that it is intuitive. Simple and easy to handle by the users who reach it. The success of the online business will depend on it. What is a heuristic analysis for. UX? Heuristic evaluation is a method in which the usability of an interface that is not yet accessible. To users will be evaluated and inspected . This analysis must be carried out by experts, who are the ones who can evaluate the degree of usability of the website.

5 reasons to do this heuristic analysis for UX

The objective is to detect possible potential problems that users who come to the website could face. To do this, they will be based on the principles of the discipline of Human-Computer Interaction . The criteria that are usually evaluated are at a general level of language and writing, structure and navigation, search and. Multimedia Spain Phone Number Data elements, among others. When to carry out this heuristic analysis? As this evaluation is relatively quick, as well as simple and agile, it can be carried out at any time within the project cycle . In the early phases of the project is when it is best adapted and the best results can be obtained. This heuristic evaluation analysis is recommended before performing a test with users to quickly detect errors that will be confirmed later with the tests.

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What is a heuristic analysis for UX?

When in the development phase, these evaluations should be carried out on the first versions to locate errors and correct them at low cost. ux heuristic analysis Decalogue of Heuristic Principles by Jakob Nielsen There are different. Principles on which the evaluator relies to carry out this analysis. The best known are the elements included in Denmark Phone Number List the Decalogue of Heuristic Principles published in by Jakob Nielsen. These are really basic principles. But necessary to achieveĀ  desired or needed to be done while browsing is captured by the user with simplicity. Jakob Nielsen’s decalogue implies the. Following principles The system status must. Be visible to the user at all times. The user must continually know what is happening.

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