How do you blog and where do you blog?

At first it seemed like nothing would come of it. The whole technique is completely Hebrew. When the Blogger to Professional™ coaching started , it got easier. Everything was explained quite precisely and I got help when I needed it. 

I didn’t publish my first post until six months later, and that too first in a community group. It was really short, but the pressure of publishing eased. 

How often do you publish content?

At first, I posted every week during the winter season and took a couple of months off in the summer. For 3 years I did the same pace and finally I ended up reducing India Phone Number List the publication pace to every other week. There was a slight dip in the number of readers, but that also returned to normal over time.

In the beginning, I made a post a couple of days before the release. When I became more daring, I already made some posts in advance and the time crunch eased considerably. At the moment, I have already come so far that last spring (2022) I completed this entire winter season and now the next winter season is already in the works.

Since I blog about knitting, mainly wool socks, the product is created at a steady pace and then I make posts about them. I write the texts for the blog only at home at my workstation, you can always make notes about ideas, even by dictating or describing.

I need my own program for the socks diagrams, so I can’t write the entire post anywhere but on my own computer. 

What have you achieved by blogging?

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I published the first post on 13 October 2018. It was exciting, I was afraid to press that publish button. “Is anyone reading this, at least I won’t advertise anywhere, I dare not”. 

Well, I read it, on the last day of the year in Phone Number List 2018, the number of visitors was more than 1700 unique readers and since then the number of readers has grown steadily. There are currently more than 240,000 readers and the pages have been viewed more than 1,170,000 times. The number of visitors per day is around 600.

The majority of readers are Finnish, followed by Sweden, Estonia, Germany and Canada. There are also many followers from other parts of the world. YouTube has more than 24,000 video views.

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