How much does a blogger earn?

That’s why I always encourage you to monetize your blog 1-2 months after starting the blog .

With consistent and correct monetization, a blog can start producing from 1,000 euros to even 10,000 euros in the first year.

9. What is written in the blog?

In theory, you can write whatever the blogger wants in the blog. But it is important to remember that if you want readers, the text must also be interesting for the reader. Writing only about the blogger himself does not necessarily attract readers.

I personally recommend always thinking China Phone Number List about how you can help others with your own text, thoughts, teachings and tips.

As I mentioned earlier, each blog topic should be defined precisely. That is, write about one topic in one blog post. In this way, the whole remains logical and it is easier for readers to follow the blog as a whole.

Typically, the first blog post is the biggest headache for new bloggers. That’s why I always recommend that you start writing your blog “right in the middle”, and don’t think about the first text for nothing .

Remember that just writing and publishing blog posts will not bring readers to your blog. Posts should be marketed, but start marketing only when you have published at least 5 blog posts.

10. How to write a blog?

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You should create a rhythm for writing a blog. I have often talked about the fact that I myself started writing a blog every Saturday morning when the children were small. I knew that the children sleep for a long time, so I could write 2-3 blog posts in the morning. Then I scheduled these posts for the coming weeks.

This is still my writing routine. Even though neither of the children lives with me anymore, on Saturday morning I pick up my laptop and start writing.

I also recommend always building a buffer for the blog, i.e. writing in advance and scheduling them, so that you have more time for planning, building the Phone Number List  blog and coming up with content ideas. Unfortunately, the timing doesn’t always work in Wordress, so when you decide the publication date and time, check from time to time that the posts are published normally.

In addition to writing, you should also create a routine for publishing. Readers like that they can count on a new blog post to come with the same rhythm as before. That’s why you should schedule posts in advance. In itself, the date and time of the blog post’s publication is not very important, because what time of day you share your post on social media is more important.


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