How often do you publish content?

Of course, this development is also reflected in the result. This year’s turnover is more than fivefold compared to 2016!

One very important “reward” for me from the blog has also been the huge amount of feedback I have received. Countless gardeners have sent me grateful messages about how my advice has made their lives easier.

I have also received positive feedback from colleagues and other people in the environment and gardening industry. It has meant a lot to me.

How often do you publish content?

In the beginning, my goal was to publish a new article once a week. However, this goal turned out to be a bit exaggerated. In gardening, the cycle of the year greatly affects people’s interests. The same questions come up regularly at different stages of the year.

When I had written almost two hundred articles, I started to feel that it is smarter to edit and highlight the ones that have already been written than to always write new ones.

At the moment, however, the pace of Denmark Phone Number List publication is too low (a dozen completely new articles have been published since the end of 2022) and my intention is to write a lot of new articles in the coming winter and schedule them for next summer.

Of course, the increased turnover and demand has also increased work, and therefore finding time for posts has been challenging at times. Now, during the fall and winter, the purpose is to.

Renew and develop the blog and to specify its categories a little more

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My goal now is to publish new content at least once a month during the winter and 2-3 months during the summer.

Sun star has accounts on Facebook and Phone Number List  Instagram, where I publish posts with varying enthusiasm.

Today there are two blogs. The “main blog” Pihalla Auring Tahtiin and another blog on the online store site. Uhere I focus more directly on the products of the online store, i.e. their presentation, user guide, backgrounds, etc.

If you were to start blogging again, what would you do differently?

Hard to say. After all, mistakes have also been made here, now I would definitely purchase, for example, server services directly from a domestic company.

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