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Commerce, providing valuable How to differentiate advice and suggestions to avoid common mistakes and to grow sustainably in the online market. Selling Artistic Crafts Online: My Experience at the Seminar I had the privilege of participating as a speaker and presented a speech entitled “How to differentiate yourself and grow with e-commerce in a sustainable way”. But before going into the details of my speech, let me tell you a little about

Successful e-commerce

Myself My name is Luigi Resta , I am How to differentiate the owner of the Web agency WorkOnNet, specialized in e-commerce sites , founded in Spilamberto (Modena) on 6 June 2002. My mission is to help  business lead companies make the most of the advantages of managing their own e-commerce. My speech: How to differentiate yourself and grow with e-commerce in a sustainable way During my talk, I discussed the importance of differentiating yourself in the online market and how to grow sustainably. I talked about how Shopify can be a powerful tool for artisans,

Offering solutions to

business lead

Offering solutions to create a successful e-commerce that is sustainable for both the environment and How to differentiate the company. I Phone Number List shared the story of Giovanni , an artisan who creates beautiful ceramics by hand. Giovanni realized that his business was stagnating due to the pandemic and decided to venture into e-commerce. Thanks to Shopify and its features, Giovanni was able to expand his business, selling not only locally but Also internationally. I also highlighted how Shopify works , a zero-impact platform, with data centers that use 100% renewable energy. Additionally, Shopify invests in solutions to fight climate change and covers

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