How to turn your idea into a profitable business in 10 steps

How to turn your idea into a profitable business in 10 steps. How many times have we heard someone say that they have an idea. After that, that they want to materialize to create a profitable online business with which they are going to get rich, probably many times. In addition, but the reality is that to get off to a good start on this path of entrepreneurship. What The first thing we have to do is lay a good foundation for our project. In addition, and above all maturing the business idea so that it is feasible and convertible into a profitable business.

Paper and pen, Lean Canvas and business plan

This is the necessary step to discover what is missing from your idea and to draw a first line to follow. You have to take a piece of paper and a pen and make a basic outline: What do you sell? How do you make money. Who buys from you. In another way: product/service, audience and monetization. If you are missing any of these three pillars you have to start investigating. That folio, notebook or initial document will be key for you to begin to shape your idea. After that, so that you email contact list  begin to see its flaws and how to make it viable. My recommendation is that you dump all the information you have in your mind. In addition, that you write it line by line without caring what it takes up.

Identify your target audience, your ideal client. Take surveys

Identify your target audience, your ideal client. One of the most important points of all your analysis prior to creating your profitable business is to find your ideal client. In addition, the model person for whom the product or service you offer is designed. For this you will have to know Phone Number List your product or service and your competition well. If you know your audience you will be able to better define yours. If you know the market of the sector you want to dedicate yourself to, you will know your client better.

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