In fact they can be unparalleled levers

Cost competition is difficult today and we have lost traction in this area over the years. Convergence with European indicators in terms of wealth index makes us uncompetitive. Businesses on the other hand do not seem to have decided yet to make major investments in information technology that would undoubtedly significantly improve their operational efficiency, as is the case in other countries in the region. our economic environment.

Nonetheless I insist that a company must find

A way to compete to differentiate itself from its competitors in a clear and permanent way and this can only be achieved through the development of the potential of the people within whom the company is formed. Sometimes as professionals New Zealand Phone Number Database in the field of information technology we come across businessmen who, distressed by the permanent loss of competitiveness, turn to investing in computer management solutions as the key to overcoming this difficult situation.

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Well information technology by itself

Does not constitute a sustainable competitive advantage. of change allowing us to redesign all business processes to improve operational efficiency. This definitely helps us compete better. But if we insist on a rigorous and detailed review of our Chile Phone Number List processes and their subsequent computer support we will miss an unparalleled opportunity to sow the seeds of the real key to business competitiveness, namely the development of people skills. For example, establishing a complete human resources management system is useless without a corresponding strategic business plan in which people play a leading role.

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