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The answer is digitalization which involves opening business relationships to connect the rest of the world as the new era continues to evolve. If there are still companies that believe the past was ever better they must change and stop being nostalgic bystanders. Get Ready The future is today Mark Canela Mark Canela Cristina To When did you change your phone and your  Business Management Cloud Digital Transformation SME News When was the last time you changed.

your phone and why The idea is to have a bigger

A better camera, faster speeds and connectivity and better. Responsiveness in new versions of your favorite apps. If time is so short why Jamaica Phone Number Database is your company continuing. To use an old one whose last version was at least updated five. Years ago and in the best case also had some patches or tweaks. If you last updated your in-depth, fax still features prominently in your company’s communications.

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Do you think you are using a tool

That responds to the needs of your company when you want to take advantage of your transformation, digitalization and access to an increasingly global market? According to a study by , most companies are using a version at least two versions Bahamas Phone Number List later than the last update and more than four years old. Do you know what four years can mean to a company? Even more so in an ever-changing environment like the current one. In a world where innovation is happening faster than ever before many still seem to be stagnant.

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