That human intellectual skills and abilities

It has en liev that the use of artificial intelligence is limit to routine programmable tasks with prictable outcomes and  irreplaceable. Recent advances show there’s no reason to lieve that AI can’t do nearly every exist job. At least those that financially necessary. Disintermiation uses a simple formula to explain the inefficiency of Internet disintermiation. Eliminat middlemen in the supply chain is one result of this formula. Buyers also get tter prices by buy directly from manufacturers, skipp middlemen and wholesalers.

Information and communication technologies

lead to fundamental changes in corporate structures, business models, all economic activities and especially in the way of Chile WhatsApp Number Database relationships with customers, eliminat low price-focus activities and promot direct end-to-end relationships. In the face of all this there is only one suggestion: cful in everyth we do. We start with the ne to anticipate small unforeseen difficulties so it is crucial to have a culture that is flexible to change and able to adapt to these disruptive changes.

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Strategic innovations allows us to remain

The market and leverage these technological innovations to design new products and markets. As Peter Drucker said the only way to prict the future is to create it. There’s still a lot of digital innovation pend on the final entry. Subsidy or not. About the last entry Ezequiel Parra Methods and people determine the success of any project Digital transformation Paraguay Phone Number List leadership Team management Apply agile methodologies throughout the life cycle of a digital transformation project Successfully improves the quality of projects Locat failures fore they occur Shorten delivery Time to ruce the final invoice and keep polish everyth improvements and more.

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