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It is that momen This is why they carry out digital activities together, evaluating progress and difficulties. Surely the best choice is to teach children the grammar of these devices and give them the interpretative tools they will ne for their future, teaching them the best way to use them. SHARES About the author Mariano Diotto Brand strategist, neuromarketing and neurobranding expert and founder of a master’s degree in Web Marketing & digital communication from the IUSVE university | Always present in the social world, I have cultivat a passion for communication.

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As a speaker, writing children’s novels, teaching seo expate bd at university, as a brand strategist for companies and agencies, holding numerous conferences on the world of communication, advertising and web. PREVNEXT RESPONSE Nicholas October at : REPLY Great post. I am a parent and a digital marketer so I understand very well this problem which has now become daily in homes and families. Congratulations Mariano and thank you for the interesting and important reflection for all of us. Leave a comment Social mia marketing: quantity and quality of advertising but above.

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On investment May In Digital & Social Phone Number List Which platform to choose for a digital advertising campaign? Knowlge, memorization and sales: the items for an analysis of the return on investment. According to a Goldman, Sachs & Co. study, Generation Z is more valuable to most companies than millennials. In this generation will also be outclass by Generation C who will begin to shop and interact even more with social networks. But changes are always around the corner and we are seeing how integrations and upgrades of various social networks change the metrics and results of online advertising measurement. Also because the number of social platforms to monitor is constantly increasing and understanding which is the most suitable for the brand I am following is not always so easy.

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