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This happens through ads display in a personaliz way for specific profiles of people, chosen by customers. And when I say “clients”, I’m referring to you and your company, since the big platforms rent their space (and the ideal types of ads) for you to promote your products or services . My name is Guilherme and below I will present the main types of Digital Marketing ads with a guide to get you start advertising! Paid mia and organic mia: Complete guide to reconciling the two.

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The main Digital Marketing ad platforms The greater the number of users on a platform, the greater the chances of a company offering advertising spaces capable of putting its product or service in front of the right customer. This is why giants like Google later-you and Meta make so much money on the Internet : millions of people use these channels every day (as well as many special data others)! That’s why the main Digital Marketing ad platforms are: Google Ads ; Meta Ads; TikTok Ads; LinkIn Ads; Twitter Ads; Pinterest Ads, among other programmatic mia platforms.

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As if the enormous traffic wasn’t enough.  The people who use these channels (the users) provide personal information capable of . Filtering by gender groups, location, interests and other information. Digital Marketing ads are like  . Guid missiles ”: you define a number of targets on a . Network and show ads only to them. This significantly increases the later-you chances of the ad being access and, for example. Converting the audience into possible customers: leads . Tip: What is the relationship between Google Ads and Inbound phone Number List Marketing? Types of Digital Marketing ads 1. Search Ads Search ads are a form of online advertising that involves displaying advertisements on search engines.

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