The company has launched a platform

To maximize the impact of donations through which employees, customers and supporters can donate to the cause. The amount they paid was matched after the deadline to partner with the initiative thereby increasing the amount of their initial donation. Active Christmas Faces are visited daily by customers from all over the world and installed there. It doesn’t matter whether employees are in retail manufacturing, construction, distribution, sanitation or professional services.

One thing they all have in common

They are looking for precise on-time and high-quality answers to their business questions. But they also unanimously value business ethics. Companies have the potential to change the world. They can do this through innovation that ensures Georgia Phone Number Database efficiency, streamlines processes and minimizes errors. But some people stand out because they don’t stop there and seek to contribute in other ways. This is the case for a business unit that believes Christmas is an appropriate time to achieve certain customer goals.

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These customers are non governmental

Organizations, especially the Three War Children Salvation Army, Save the Children, a multinational enterprise management software manufacturer. This proves that its concern for people does not stay on the surface but is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This extraordinary project allows users of its solution to vote for which NGO they Georgia WhatsApp Number List would like their Euros to be allocated as a donation. They can also choose to split the money equally among the three institutions. By the people for the people This initiative confirms the software provider’s admiration for its customers as expressed on its own website.

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