LGPD commented: learn the rules in clear language

The LGPD commented is an initiative that seeks to make the language of this law simpler and more accessible, avoiding complex “legalese” and, in this way, facilitating its understanding.

In this article, we will explain 19 articles of the General Personal Data Protection Law ( Law No. 13,709 of August 14, 2018 ), in an objective manner and with terms that are easy to understand.

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Finally, we will also discuss what technology companies need to adapt and innovate to meet LGPD requirements, as well as trends and developments in the technology sector related to data privacy. Check it out!

What does the LGPD determine?

To begin discussing the LGPD, we must first highlight what this law determines.

The General Personal Data Protection Law defines a set of rules to be followed by public and private companies on the correct way to collect, process, use, store and share personal data.

The main objective of this legislation is to protect the basic and fundamental rights of privacy and freedom, as well as the free formation of people’s personalities.

The LGPD is seen as a milestone in the regulation of personal data in our country. In force since September 2020, it covers both digital and physical media, and is based on the principle of consent from the data owner.

That is, they can only be used, processed, stored and shared if there is prior authorization from the holder, through specific and free consent, after Female number data clear and well-defined knowledge of the purposes for which the data will be used.

When reading the General Data Protection Law discussed below, you will see that this legislation expresses several fundamentals, such as:

Female number data

Respect for the privacy of personal data;

freedom of expression, communication, opinion and information;
inviolability of the individual’s honor, image and privacy;
guarantee of human rights and the Algeria Phone Number List  free progress of people’s personalities;
economic and technological development.
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LGPD commented: understand the main articles of the law
The General Data Protection Law has 10 chapters and 65 articles. In other words, it has a large number of rules.

To make this text more objective, we chose to explain the first 19 articles. Now, let’s look at the LGPD commented on.

Article 1
The first article acts as an introduction to the General Data Protection Law, as it defines the objectives of the rules.

The aim is to preserve the constitutional right to freedom and privacy through the protection of sensitive information.

The law is valid throughout Brazil and overrides municipal and state laws. It is also valid for both digital and analog media, covering everything from web pages to paper forms.

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