Look at the headlines

Next, list the titles of the first five posts of your blog on paper. Yes, the very first ones you ever wrote. Send the headlines to a co-worker, relative or friend and ask them what they think the posts are saying based on the headlines alone.

When you get the answers, read through the posts and check if the image from the title matches the content of the post. I know it’s a harsh task, but it’s just to show you how important titles are.

The good news is that titles can be changed afterwards. Permalink not so much. So even if you change the title, don’t touch the permalink, i.e. the url of the post.

There are a few principles that should be followed when choosing a title.

  • The title should not reveal too many things.
  • The title should be 6 words but less than 70 characters long.
  • The title should arouse curiosity and interest to click and read more.
  • The title should include a number.
  • The title should also take into account search engine optimization, in which case the long tail keyword should be found at the beginning of the title.

I know, it’s a lot to fit into six words. But the more you practice writing headlines, the better you will become.

The 10 most read posts already have good titles by default because they are read the most. Choose 10 other blog posts from your blog and edit their titles to be the most interesting.

3 | With the opening hook, you engage the readers

After the title, the beginning of the post plays a big role. If you are not able to engage the reader to continue reading the post, the entire writing effort has been wasted. A reader may come to your post once, but if the opening hook is not interesting, he may not come back.

Here, too, it is good to remember that the starting hook can be modified afterwards. There is a formula for the starting hook that I use myself. I didn’t use it in this post because it’s an educational blog post. If I had written this post about my student, for example, I would have used an opening hook.

In standard blog posts, the opening Armenia Phone Number List hook can be, for example, an introduction to the reasons why the post was written or a question that prompts the reader to search for an answer.

Copy the first 65-100 words of all 20 blog posts and send them again to a friend, relative or colleague. Ask if he read the post forward based on these beginnings alone.

Don’t take the feedback personally, but let it be a way to help and develop you into a better writer.

4 | Keep the reader on the blog for a long time

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Do you know why you should keep the reader on the blog for a long time? If a reader comes from social media to read one post, reads it in less than a minute and leaves the blog, this (along with many other things) tells Google that there is really nothing interesting in the post.

As a result, Google starts dropping Phone Number List  the blog post lower in the search results. We are able to keep the reader in a single blog post for a long time by providing them with in-depth information and teaching them directly in the blog post (a bit like me here).

But in addition to that, it is important to direct the reader to read more. This is done with internal linking.

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