Marketing calendar and content strategy

This way, selling doesn’t feel like a constant push and shove, because few people follow you on every channel, and even if they do, it’s important to remind your audience that they can buy products and services from you.

With the help of a content strategy, you decide what to publish, to whom, why.

So marketing and sales is not about creating a website and then just aggressively waiting for customers to contact you.

3. Regular content production

If you don’t see results after the first week, do you stop marketing and content production? I hope not, but I know from experience that many do.

Marketing is an investment in the future, it is continuous work that will bring you customers. But if you jump from one marketing strategy to another every few weeks , I won’t be at all surprised if you don’t get results.

I have often said that one of the Hong Kong Phone Number List reasons why I myself have made more than a million euros in sales with the help of content marketing is precisely because I stuck to business blogging .

Of course, I have tried other methods and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

Unfortunately, the “set it and forget it” type of business does not work for the majority of entrepreneurs, as it would require a large advertising budget.

In order for content marketing and Business Blog to bring you business, you need to write and publish new content regularly. At least one blog post per month, but if you can commit to a weekly post, always better.

I myself have also tried 2 x a week and 3 x a week publishing pace, but at least in my case 3 x a week caused the number of readers to increase, instead of rising.

4. Marketing of posts

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Simply publishing a post is not enough to bring readers. If no one knows the blog exists, how would anyone find it?The situation is a bit the same if you have to look for a needle in a haystack but no one tells you where the haystack is.

SEO will do its job with time, but before that it is important to get traffic to the blog in another way. Here you should make use of social Phone Number List  media, paid advertising as well as external links (backlinks).

I collect links of students’ blogs to a reading list . My domain has existed for almost 10 years, so it has a lot of value in Google’s eyes. When I link from my own blog to students’ blogs, their SEO starts working faster.

Although many Facebook gurus argue against it, I recommend occasionally boosting posts with money. When you share a blog post on your FB page, promote it via the “Promote publication” button below the publication.

€5 per day for 3 to 7 days is perfectly fine. You can repeat this a couple of times a month, you don’t need more than that.

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