Marketing strategy

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Did you notice what I did? I offered you a new blog post to read, i.e. I directed you to read more, i.e. I used internal linking.

When you offer more to read in each blog post, you can keep the reader on the blog longer. Always remember to open new posts in a new tab so that the reader still has the previous post open.

Also remember that the post you recommend should be essentially related to the topic you are writing about. If I had linked to this post a moment ago , you would have left the link unclicked.

The third point is that, according to my experience, two internal links per post is enough. If there are more links, the reader will have difficulty choosing, and he will not know which post to read. He might even get a burst of information, which we want to avoid to the last day today.

5 | Marketing strategy

Add 1-2 internal links to posts on the same topic for every 20 blog posts. These internal links don’t have to be to the 20 posts you choose, but some can be.

Marketing strategy

Well, now let’s get to the point. So Austria Phone Number List far you have found the 10 most read posts and 10 other posts and made sure that their titles and opening hooks are attractive.

You have added internal links to your posts and ensured that the reader will enjoy your blog longer. Next is the marketing strategy that will help you get 10,000 readers to your blog per month.

Assuming, of course, that you do everything I teach in this and the next section.

5.1 Select posts from the same category, if possible

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In my experience, you get the best results when you take the most read posts of the same category and share them on Facebook. For example, I have Phone Number List  online courses as one category.

The most read posts from that category in the last six months are:

  • 7 things you need to know before taking an online course
  • Making an online course: This is how you plan and make the first online course that is actually bought
  • 6 digital products you can make in a week
  • The therapist runs 650 online courses a year
  • Experiences with online course platforms after 7 years of digital entrepreneurship
  • 13 online course and sales platforms in comparison

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