Now you know what a sales page is and why it is an essential part of your sales funnel

I have been teaching for years that the sales page should be written first before any other campaign or launch material is created. This is because by writing the sales page first, you can keep all the material logical. If you create the marketing material first, it may be that you have written something there that is no longer logical from the point of view of the sales page. In this case, producing marketing material has been pointless and has taken up your precious time.

From the end to the beginning works excellently in producing marketing and sales material. Many entrepreneurs think that all content must be different. However, the best results are obtained by telling similar things in the content. Repetition is the mother of learning.

Another important thing about a sales page is that you track its statistics

Remember the Marketing Rule of 7?People need to see your marketing material at least 7 times before they start to register it and become interested in your products and services. The same applies to the sales page. When the sales page is written first, you can take small parts of it and use them in other materials, such as launch emails, campaign messages and blog posts.

To write a sales page, it is enough that you have UK Phone Number List a clear idea of ​​what you sell or what the body of your course or training is. After that, you can write the sales page and edit, complete or refine it when the service or course is ready.

Another important thing about a sales page is that you track its statistics. Remember that euros lie, but statistics never do. A large part of my customers have been disappointed if there have not been enough sales. But the analysis of the statistics has shown almost every time that if more people had gotten to

The sales page, more sales would have come

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Every entrepreneur must know these statistics and monitor them regularly:

  • time spent on sales page
  • CTR (click through rate)
  • conversion

CTR = (those who clicked the purchase button / unique visitors to the sales page) x 100

Conversion = (number of buyers / unique visitors to the sales page) x 100

The average of both must be at least 2%.

How to get started?

Whether you have a short or long sales page, a service description or just an online store product description, the first step is to calculate CTR and conversion. Usually, this Phone Number List information is obtained from Google Analytics or another analysis program.

Knowing where you are makes it easier for you to start healing. Remember that the wheel should not be reinvented and not all content should be rewritten. We take what works and keep it, and only modify and improve what doesn’t.

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