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Data Protection Impact Assessment Points Following the same official guidance we mentioned I will highlight its most important points below. New call to action First we must consider that any data protection impact assessment must describe the planned processing activities in a way that at least meets the following criteria. Evaluate treatment based on therapeutic intent. Assess the risk of personal data exposure.

Develop measures to address possible

Risks to said data All of this must be carried out by the data controller although you can hire a company or dedicated data protection officer Germany Phone Number Database to do this on your behalf. Data Protection Impact Assessment much more profound than what we summarized in the previous list. Other actions included in the above measures include description of the data life cycle. That is how they are collected, stored processed transferred and destroyed.

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Description of the interested party

The natural or legal person involved in the processing of the data. Such as employee suppliers or tax authorities. Identification of the technical tools we use to process personal data. From computers to phones and tablets including the Ghana WhatsApp Number List mainframe where we store our emails or the hard drives where we store backup copies of our systems. Detailed identification of threats in the broadest sense ranging from natural disasters to mistaken intentional attacks or regulatory violations. Risks are allocated based on their probability of occurrence and the impact if they occur. As stated in the guidance itself the risk probability impacts.

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