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On linkedin While no one knows that below the surface they are exhauste from the hard work, it compensates. The moment you notice that there are tensions in people and in teams, it is important to take the pressure off and take the lead to take a step back. This sends a clear signal that work is important, but that peoples well-being comes first. There is always room for flexibility to ensure that the balance is restore if the pressure is found to be too high. By making this a topic for discussion, it also becomes easier for people to approach their manager. This way, action can be taken earlier. Rubber ducks follow leader to illustrate leadership. 

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From conflict avoidance to healthy discussions Many employees avoid awkward situations and are reluctant to give honest feeback. Trust and openness are neee to break through this. As a leader, you can create this by establishing ground rules, encouraging everyone to speak up, de-escalating arguments, and asking team members to photo editor support their opinions with facts. Leaders should monitor progress through clear plans and timelines. Leaders can support conflict-avoiding employees by coaching them in entering into difficult conversations Approach the problem, the value and the solution Dont procrastinate Limit yourself to the facts use your words, Assume positive intentions make a plan give and take Feel comfortable with the awkward.

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Everyone belongs be an ally Fearing judgment from others, people may find it difficult to be themselves. This can cause tension and uncertainty and has an effect on their motivation and involvement. According to Gostick and Elton, an antidote is to create a culture in which people dare to be themselves as managers. Then drastic jumps in performance can be achieve, because everyone Phone Number List can focus all their attention on the work. They advise that team leaders, regardless of whether they themselves belong to a traditional minority group, tell at least one story about concealing identity.

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