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This has increased my own affiliate income to 10,000 euros per year. I would have had the opportunity to earn much more, but I have focused on marketing and selling online courses and services. At the moment, I am planning an English-language affiliate blog, from which I intend to build a monthly income stream of 10,000 euros.

8. How to make money quickly and easily at home?

So how quickly can money be made? It all depends entirely on you. If you have followed the instructions in this post, you will have a blog up and running Canada Phone Number List within a couple of days and the first texts will be written after a week. By marketing your blog regularly on social media, you will get your first readers there in just a few days.

I personally wrote my first affiliate post in June 2016 and in July I earned my first money from it. I had started the blog 3 months earlier. Now that same post has brought more than 50,000 euros in income.

I would say that many bloggers have the opportunity to make money quickly with a blog, but they get stuck on perfection. They refine things and plan a lot, but the implementation is often incomplete.

I know and understand that starting a blog is scary, but you can also do it completely anonymously or with a pseudonym. Building trust takes a little more time, but high-quality content that helps readers compensates for this.

When you blog for readers and with readers in mind, the money will follow.

9. Blog development and building new income streams

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It is of utmost importance that you create one income stream from start to finish and ensure that it brings you regular income. After that you can start building another one.

You can get income in a very versatile way, and that’s why I recommend building an email list alongside your blog (*) . The blog, social media and email list enable the sale of advertising space, commercial collaborations and larger affiliate commissions.

Along with the blog, the email list is the only channel that you manage yourself.

Building several different income streams  Phone Number List also brings you security. If one income stream is cut off, you’ll be left with several to patch up and compensate for the income.

After this, only the sky is the limit. Using a blog Make money quickly or work from home and build an income stream that brings €20,000 per month .

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