Pirjo’s knitting blog already has more than one million page downloads

I’ve been following Pirjo’s journey for a few years now. I remember when he joined the Blogger to Professional™ coaching and did a really great job with building his own blog. He bravely asked for help and got it from the community.

Last year, Pirjo’s blog already exceeded the limit of one million page downloads. So I want to tell Pirjo’s story and encourage you to pursue your own blogging dreams.

Pirjo’s knitting blog already has more than one million page downloads

Pirjo, please!

Tell us in a few sentences who you are and what you do

I am a retired wife, mother and grandmother. I live in Lahti with my husband.

My work history includes work at a India Phone Number List bank, as an entrepreneur as a subscription seller of periodicals, lobby and meeting services and as a house guide at Sibeliustalo in Lahti, and most recently as a supervisor in the cleaning service industry.

Educations I have a bank clerk’s degree and various degrees in the cleaning service industry (workplace instructor, training, etc.), the most recent of which is the instructor’s degree. When my job ended, I remained unemployed, but not an idle pensioner.

Tell us a little about your blog, what made you choose this blog topic?

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When there was time, I returned to my old hobby and started knitting again. As my skills developed, I also got excited to design my own models. I also wanted to Phone Number List bring more of them to the fore, so there had to be a way to do that. 

Then came Tiia Konttinen’s ad about starting Pirjo’s knitting a blog. I saw it quite a few times for 4 months before I decided to dare to try starting a blog. After all, I already had the topic ready. The only obstacle was the know-how, because information technology is the most difficult thing for me. But when support was promised and help was available, I decided to dare.

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