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These technologies by definition knowlge but also exploit knowlge itself to generate more knowlge in a continuous process of evolution at an ever-increas pace. This requires new schemes in knowlge production and demands new models thereby promot new activities for which there currently no limits seen. Of course the most relevant th at  to new manufactur strategies and methods that will change many traditional production processes. , even at home, suggests we on the verge of a revolution that will also impact distribution.

Soon people will able to purchase parts

From the comfort of their home sofas, download them to a printer’s file and have them ready for use almost immiately. Internet of Ths The Colombia WhatsApp Number Database Internet of Ths will make it easier for users to connect millions of electronic products to the Internet. It is now possible to connect a variety of mobile devices in the workplace and at home.

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The rapid adoption of this technology

Analysts estimate that more than million electronic devices will able to connect to mobile networks by the year. There currently around 10,000 users connect to the Internet. Consumers can connect and manage a variety of smart devices Peru Phone Number List such as locators, security cameras, trackers to locate and monitor the activity of pets, suitcases, backpacks or keys. Artificial intelligence is certainly the most disruptive and important. . Now it’s not just a new technology. This is an exponentially evolv field of knowlge that is bound to have a strong impact on the economy and the labor market.

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